Using the popular Abit BH6 motherboard, it is our intention to overclock a Celeron 400 to either 798MHz(133MHz FSB) or  744MHz(124MHz FSB). Failing this, anything over 600Mhz will make us happy. We're also pushing a venerable 300A to its limits and are considering trying the legendary oem P!!!-450. However, given its reasonable multiplier, low FSB speed, great price and overclocking capacity we're expecting the best results from a PPGA Celeron 400. 

After researching some of the other Celeron overclocking adventures around the web, and investigating the price and relative merit of several overclocking solutions, we've decided on Peltier assisted watercooling.  Whilst this may seem drastic (and expensive) it actually turns out to be quite cost effective.  By building our own waterjacket (a heatsink enclosed in aluminium), and using a fountain pump, an aluminium coldplate and 2 40mmx40mm 6Amp 60watt Peltier coolers, we've managed to keep the cost around $100 Australian( about USD65 ).

The next step after we've got a working waterjacket/peltier combo (to be tested on koensayr's 300a initially) will be to contain our coolant resevoir in a freezer.  If the coolant can be kept at or around 0 degrees C, we should be able to keep the cold side of the peltiers  below -20 degrees C.  Maybe....


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