January 17th 2000:
 Woohoo! I finally got paid the other day, so i bought a BP6 at a swap meet yesterday.  Damn, this thing rocks. I've got the 433 almost stable at 597 with just the GlobalWin FDP (which i had to hack the side off of to fit on the mobo) so i'm going to try putting on of the pelts under there to see if i can get it stable at 597 or 604.  Now all i have to do is buy another 433 and GlobalWin and i'll have my very own "GodBox" :)  Vision got himself another 433 yesterdat as well, so his BP6 is finally running in dual mode now.  Seems as tho his older 433(week 17 i think) doesn't want to hit 600 with aircooling.  To make it even more infuriating it seems the new one (week 50) will...

January 14th 2000:

In all my whinging in the last update, i forgot to mention one thing, 670MHz is also rock solid!  I'm tossing up whether or not i should re-flashing my bios too, so i can get access to voltages over 2.3. Orthello's 400 is stable at 744@2.4V so maybe 2.4 or 2.5V is the key to breaking 700.  I'm not really keen on raising the voltage so far, but it's an irrational fear i guess.  The only side effects are increased heat and faster gate switching, and we sure as hell don't have any heat probs.

Also, a guy in Sweden has very kindly offered to build us a drilled alminium-block-style waterblock, cheers man!

Found some really informative articles over at Benchtest.com thanks to a way more professional guy than us, named N8, who has a very slick dual 433 setup at 702Mhz on a BP6.  Maybe when i grow up(and buy a drill press) i can build something like that.

January 2nd 2000:

Despite repeated attempts, it seems that our 728MHz aim is unobtainable. 


Apparently our chip just can't get there with our current setup.  The  other Celeron over 700 we've seen was using a 2x2 grid of 30mmx30mm peltiers and it seems the extra two pelts makes all the difference. We also tried mounting the pelts/waterblock on Vision's new BP6, in hope of some more success with his extra FSB settings over 100.  Unfortunately mounting the rig on a S370 mobo is impractical.  It's virtually impossible to get any sort of good contact between our cold plate and the chip slug with those huge capacitors in the way.

On the bright side, i've been talking to a friend of mine about milling up a waterblock out of solid aluminium, which should provide a more permanent setup, and hopefully a more efficient one as well.

On the RAM front, i recently found an article (sorry, can't remember where) that was testing my LGS PC66 ram.  I'd suspected this ram was 10ns PC100 in disguise for a while, and this article proved me right!  The guy testing it was able to get 126MHz stable from the DIMMS! Not bad for cheap arse stuff i bought over a year ago!.

So, the next step i guess is to either get a new motherboard with a few more FSB settings, or try a new chip.  I don't really want to get any more peltiers, as we were trying to keep this project fairly simple and low cost.  What i'd really like to get my hands on would be one of the new Flip Chip 100MHz FSB P3 500s.  I've seen a cpl of these around the web at a solid 800MHz, without supercooling!  Hopefully one of those and the big arse globalwin cooler i bought on sunday (50 bucks australian at the malvern pc swap meet) would be able to hit 500 fairly easily.  Of course i'd need some PC133 to do it....

Which brings me to my next little snippet.  AllAdvantage are in australia now!  If you want to help out a fellow overclocker you can sign up under either me (koensayr, id HSA-364) or Vision (HPY-263), or alternately you can cut out the middle man and just send us some nice new hardware to play with :)  (You can also sign up for ePipo as well, which is waaaay better, but not actually going yet.  Any day hopefully.  My id for that is 'koensayr' btw :) )

December 20th 1999:

Still trying for over 700 with the 433.  Not having much luck tho.  Nothing seems to be working properly at all at the moment.  We blew up my ATX PSU a cpl of days ago trying to run both pelts on it as well as everything else.  I would have thought the things would have a fuse in them you know?  Apparently not.  It just got hotter and hotter until it went bang.  Literally.  Wont try that again.  Picked up a new ATX case and PSU for only about 50 bucks australian tho so i'm not too pissed about it.  The reason i was trying to run them both on the one supply was because for some reason the AT PSU just won't run sometimes.  Guess we need another one of them too. Great.

We also had the waterblock leak a shitload of water onto my motherboard the other day.  No damage done (water doesn't really conduct all that well) but a scary occurence all the same.  It's fixed  now anyway.

Vis and i are also thinking about building up some peltier/heatsink combos too.  We can do a 6amp peltier and a globalwin FDP32 (the big one)  for about a hundred bucks australian. That includes the 26 CFM fan on the heatsink btw.  Anyone interested??? Please drop me a line if you are.  We'll build one up in the next cpl of weeks and see what sort of results we can get anyway.


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