Youtube comments are incredibly homogenous

You can basically pick a Youtube video at random and all the comments will follow a similar line. I was sent a clip to a nature video (kind of gruesome, but that’s the way nature works), and I just love the way the most recent comments are almost identical to every other clip I’ve looked at.

Lucasibby (21 hours ago)
this is supid man BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deghostz (1 day ago)
im going to to assume your a racist ****?

satv365 (1 day ago)
Hahah, Buffalo takes one with him. Buffapwnage!

afzdad (1 day ago)

Adaeze611 (1 day ago)
so ahat would peda have to say about this….would they confront the lion and be like…”that is cruelty to animals”

DreamProfessional (1 day ago)
I find buffalo being eating disturbing but I watch anyway lol.

Bonus link –’s take on this exact problem.

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