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Is something usable, or is something useful?

One thing I’ve been reflecting on lately is how often I will use something because I find it incredibly useful – and yet in a lot of cases it’s quite unusable. A potential reason for companies overlooking the importance of … Continue reading

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Ancient Pompeii

Forking street in ancient Pompeii, originally uploaded by gisleh. Check out the grooves worn into the roads in ancient Pompeii by the chariots. Apparently they were also subject to detours from roadwork, one-way streets and traffic jams. Darn New York … Continue reading

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Georgia Tech?

Can someone attending Georgia Tech please tell me why so many people from there are Googling “Tim Cederman”? :)

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Random Wikipedia factoid of the day

Beer was prohibited in Iceland until 1989. This was too crazy a fact for me to just trust Wikipedia on.  Sure enough: Beer was illegal in Iceland until 1989.  Yes, this is not a misprint.  Iceland, like the USA, underwent … Continue reading

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