American food is killing me

I’m completely addicted now.  In-n-out.  Krispy Kreme.  Sibby’s Cupcakes.  Fred steaks.  And tonight’s indulgence?  Chicago style deep-dish pizza from Patxi’s.

We ordered a 12″, which weighs nearly 2kg (it is 2″ deep).  It takes 30 minutes to bake (compared to the usual 6 minutes or so for a thin crust pizza).  The pizza actually consists of two layers.  Ingredients are placed on a bottom layer of dough, another layer is added on top of that, and then the sauce is placed on top.  We actually ordered the “low fat” version originally, but the kindly gentleman who took our order swiftly talked us out of that.

Paxti's original pizza


1 thought on “American food is killing me

  1. It’s one of the few places in the Bay Area that has legit Chicago-style pizza. Little Star and Zachary’s are the other two I know of.

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