The Bay Area response to foreclosure

I spotted this article a little while ago, discussing how one man responded to having his house foreclosed.

The front yard of Williams’ home is strewn with boxes, furniture and trash cans. There’s even some of the home’s air conditioning duct work lying on the lawn. That’s not the only part of the property left in shambles. The inside of the house is just as messy.

And just in case anyone needed an explanation for his actions, Williams also allegedly left the bank a big note –– using spray paint. The words painted on a wall near the front door are hard to make out but it appears to declare: “Brought to you by Deutsche Bank… Eat it.”

My favourite part though was the response from (who I’ve declared my amusement of here, here, and here):

Makes sense. Milpitas isn’t in the Real Bay Area. Full of savages. I hear they’re starting to eat babies because house prices are so low. 


Microsoft Live Search – trying to increase their referrer percentage artificially?

I’ve noticed a lot of my traffic supposedly is coming from Microsoft Live.  However, looking at the referring URLs, something fishy is obviously going on:

  01 May, Fri, 09:10:38  
  01 May, Fri, 09:19:00  
  01 May, Fri, 10:51:20  
  02 May, Sat, 15:55:08  
  02 May, Sat, 17:43:10  
  03 May, Sun, 11:49:51  

I can only conclude they’re trying to increase their referrer percentages to try and increase ad spending.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this, or can perhaps explain it.