Youtube comments versus Metafilter comments

As a follow-up to my post the other day, I found a great mashup highlighting the differences between the two.

What I was served up just then. Youtube:

  • who ever said he was fat, better watch their ass!!!
  • nice song! i like it .. i appriciate it .. i think this one already happen to me ,, well thats life !
  • bastard
  • XD, I was being cliche and ironic, smartaaaass
  • (\__/) (=’.’=) (“)_(“) Most wicked thing from DRACULA’s country >> RadioLynx dot ro ! join now RADIOLYNX . RO >> go to the free chat!
  • dude u realy need to stop being a crack w***er ok and stop being rascist and dude word of advice walk into L.A and say that and u will be shot so wise the f**k up!!! P.S. i can say this im white…


  • When my husband and I first moved to Tucson, AZ – a notoriously low wage town, we used to sit at traffic lights in our third-hand car with no AC and wonder how everyone around us could afford huge trucks and SUVs. Now I know.
  • ackptui: You must be mistaken. Haven’t you heard Treasury Secretary Paulson state that the Bush administration has a ‘strong dollar policy’. I mean he said it so it must be true right?
  • Fight like a viking?
  • I have no idea why I put “laser printed” in that last sentence. It should be “ink jet printed”. Also, Bruce Schneider is much (much much) smarter than me, so I’m loathe to bring this up, but I never got the paranoia about contactless passport chips. If someone goes through a lot of trouble, they can discover, from a distance, without your knowledge … your name, and what city you were born in. Big whoop. And the only place where you can be certain that there are enough passports to make such a process worthwhile is an airport – one of the few places with a major, continuous security presence. There’s just not that much of interest on your passport chip.
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