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Valleywag has become one of my new guilty pleasures.  While I can’t but help laugh at the hapless participants, I do feel twinges of sympathy for them as well.  Whether it’s Jimmy Wales meeting and breaking up with his girlfriend on Wikipedia (wow they really seem to dislike old Jim), or the continuous articles on the rules for picking up escorts in the Silicon Valley (link not really safe for work), it’s a constant source of entertainment.  Actually, some of its best moments play out in the comments.  Maybe it’s like Burbed though, where it’s that much funnier if you live in the Bay Area.

One of the latest articles did strike a chord with me though was reading about poor old Brandee Barker had to announce to the press  that she wasn’t getting the vice president position, because it’s her job to.  Particularly in a company like Facebook where the billionaire CEO is just 23, you know experience isn’t really a factor (although they did just hire Sheryl Sandberg from Google).

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