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The Bay Area response to foreclosure

I spotted this article a little while ago, discussing how one man responded to having his house foreclosed. The front yard of Williams’ home is strewn with boxes, furniture and trash cans. There’s even some of the home’s air conditioning … Continue reading

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I love data – part 3

I noticed tonight that the GPS error on my running watch means that when I look at the data in aggregate, it creates quite a nice heat map of my favourite runs. I might try and figure out a way … Continue reading

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American food is killing me

I’m completely addicted now.  In-n-out.  Krispy Kreme.  Sibby’s Cupcakes.  Fred steaks.  And tonight’s indulgence?  Chicago style deep-dish pizza from Patxi’s. We ordered a 12″, which weighs nearly 2kg (it is 2″ deep).  It takes 30 minutes to bake (compared to … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley pictures

Some photos from around the Silicon Valley area.  Apologies for the quality, but they’re all from the iPhone. The Computer History Museum presents – the original Utah teapot: The Crittendon end of the Google campus – you can see NASA … Continue reading

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Bubble 2.0

Annoying parodies aside, this is pretty spot-on. [youtube:]

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Bay Area housing

Another sterling post from WOW! Everything looks so much classier when you have columns! It’s like the whitehouse – it’s classy because it has columns! Man, this totally blows the last columned house on Burbed out of the water! … Continue reading

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When geeks bite back

Very interesting article on about Sarah Lacy’s interview of Mark Zuckerberg, from Facebook. I’ve seen some pretty atrocious interviews, keynotes, panels and presentations in my time, but this is right up there when you think of the scope. Interviewing … Continue reading

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Bay Area Gossip

Valleywag has become one of my new guilty pleasures.  While I can’t but help laugh at the hapless participants, I do feel twinges of sympathy for them as well.  Whether it’s Jimmy Wales meeting and breaking up with his girlfriend … Continue reading

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Bay Area Economics

Since moving to the Bay Area I’ve realised there are a whole different set of different rules for pricing and economics here. Salaries, real estate, and commodities are all distinct from the rest of the US. With that said there … Continue reading

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